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TURNER :- [QTL-Question id=1]


Measures revolutions per minute (RPM) in engines & other machinery.
Zero the counter, place the revolving stem against the rotating machinery & time it for 10 seconds.

Multiply by 6 & you have your RPM!

Each revolution of the outer dial clicks the black needle on

1 notch on the inner dial…

Used for count rpm of lathe, drill etc machines


Directory of All ITI situated in Maharashtra

Region wise GOVT ITI of Maharashtra

Details of Trades, Units, Affiliation Status, Admission Status, Address, etc

महाराष्ट्रातील सर्व आयटीआय ची माहिती येथे देत आहे. ज्यामध्ये आयटीआय चा पत्ता, मान्यता, व्यवसाय, प्रवेश क्षमता, प्रवेशीत डिटेल्स, प्राचार्य, मेल आयडी, रिजन,ई. माहिती अंतर्भूत आहे.

Mumbai Region

Aurangabad Region


Amravati Region


Pune Region



Nagpur Region


Nashik Region

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Performing Practicals in Workshop

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Performing Practicals in Workshop

work culture

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Work is Worship……

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